Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Don't Deny Your Darkness

I have found, from stalking myself, that I have both Light and Dark within me. That darkness for me is what I describe as my shadow side that is contained in my unconscious. It's the side of my persona/psyche/ego containing me, for myself alone energy.

 On the path of achieving balance, harmony, peace and self-love, I realized that to be whole I must not deny this dark side of myself, I must encounter it, see it for what it is and love it for it is me. It is a different reflection of my Light. I do not deny it, I parent it. I do not allow my murderous, reptilian brain to hold sway, to have its day. I see it, I admit it and I laugh at my demons. It loses power because I have let it out into the daylight of my conscious mind where it can be examined, confronted and humored. That way, it does not build up tension like a dam holding back a mighty river that could burst one day in a disastrous cascade. I know my darkness. I love my darkness. It is under surveillance and knows I am the parent, not a stern one but a firm one.

I do not deny my darkness. I love it as it is a part of me. Once accepted, I become whole. Once I acknowledge this duality within, I synthesize it into one, into unity consciousness where I no longer have duality. I am one with myself.

This does not mean giving free reign to my dark side. It means admitting that I live in duality but I am capable of transmuting my darkness into Light thereby becoming a Being of Unity Consciousness. I live in a place where I have nothing to defend.

You may want to try this on for size.

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