Thursday, March 30, 2017

Don't Believe In God

Do you want to know God? If you do, then don't believe in God. Now, why would I say that? I say that because I have tried to believe in God and nothing happened. It was when I realized that my mind could not think God, could not wrap itself around the concept of God, that God cannot be reached by thought, that I came to see that God is something you know by experiencing God in the now moment as an experience, as a mystical feeling in your awareness, not in your mind. It is not understanding, conceptualizing, believing because when you do theses ideational things, you block yourself from experiencing what God is: a living reality in all that is.

God is within you, as God is a consciousness. God consciousness is a level of awareness where you perceive God in and as everything. It is the life force, it is nature, it is our reality and many other realities that we experience as existence.

To know God, don't use your mind, use your feelings. Stop believing in God. Start being God in that you recognize that you and God are one. You are God. God is in you, not outside you in heaven somewhere. God is here, now. The now moment is where God resides, in the present moment. God is a presence we feel on our mystical path.

Work with your God consciousness, not your God thinking, to know and experience God. What you will experience is divine awareness, sacred space and that is always with you in the now moment.

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