Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Everything In Your World; You Created

You think someone or thing created you and your world and that you are just a puppet on a string in some Creator's Universe? It is true, from my experience, that you are a part of Creation but you too are a Creator and your life and world and everything in it is YOUR Creation. Anything and everything that comes into your world, you brought there to experience. How come you don't take responsibility for your Creations?

Simple answer: you have been conditioned by the major religions not to. You have been conditioned to believe you are not a Creator by your religion so that religion may centralize and hold all the power, power over you, control of you.

You are a piece of God and as such, you have the powers God has on the level you are at as a human soul on Earth. You are not ALL of God. You are a microcosmic aspect of God but God nonetheless.

Whatever the thing is in your experience, is in your Creation, you put it there for yourself to experience. When you fully get with that, fully understand, accept, allow and acknowledge that, you will have arrived at taking responsibility for your actions, your Creations, for they are yours. You will become much more aware of the consequences of your Creations and you will be more discerning about what you put there. Gone will be the days of blaming God, the Universe or others for your happiness or misfortune because you, the Creator, created it for yourself!!!

This, what I am revealing here, is the start of spiritual maturity. Your experience is of YOUR making. You cannot point outside of yourself and say, she did it to me. No. YOU put her there so that you could experience her doing it to you.

Are you seeing what I mean?

You and God are one and the same. God is not out there and you are in here or someplace else. You are a Creator just like God. Refute this if you will. It doesn't make it less true.

When you finally become the Creator you are, you will design your reality as a place that makes you feel good, not the fearful, lacking, greedy, angry, judgemental, competitive, unbalanced and hateful place you now create.

Roll that around in your awareness.

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