Friday, March 24, 2017

Abundance Is A Feeling

Abundance in one's life is a feeling not a thought. The feeling of abundance exists as a vibrational reality where your abundance sits and waits to come to you when you allow it to by your stopping of pushing it away with worry, obsession and fear about not having it. There's no such thing as not having abundance. Your abundance is there waiting to give itself to you. You just keep pushing it away because you keep chasing it. It is not to be chased, it is to be allowed.

Allow yourself to feel abundant. How do you do this?

1. Trust and believe that you are the natural recipient of the Universe's abundance.

2. Feel that everything you need is there for you. If you can't manage that feeling, pretend.

3. Play with the feeling of abundance by doing things that bring a sense of abundance to you. Act like you have all that you need. Wash your clothes, clean your house, make a nice meal, put a few dollars in your wallet, go window shopping. Just stop being in lack consciousness. Stop being in poverty consciousness where you believe you are not abundant. You are abundant. You just haven't opened the door so that it can come into your life. Stop Self-sabotaging your life with over-thinking your getting abundance.

4. Stop taking what you already have for granted. Stop that immediately.

5. Put the feeling of thankfulness into your emotions like every day is Thanksgiving. Start by giving thanks for your life, for being alive and all the little things you have.

6. Stop Crying for what you don't have and have joy for what you already have no matter what you think of it.

Practice these feelings every day, multiple times a day. When you wake up, feel abundant. When you go to sleep, feel abundant. Take time every day to express your appreciation, gratitude and thanks for everything in your life. You must do this with sincerity, with unshakable belief.

This is your way of letting your abundance know you are serious. Once you align with it, attune to it with like Feelings, it comes to you. There is no chasing. You may be called to take some positive actions in your life. Be ready for those.

Abundance is a feeling that already exists, now go make it exist inside of you. Then, it "comes to you."

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