What A Shaman Knows

What is the way of a Shaman and what does a Shaman know? A Shaman, first and foremost is a person of knowledge and it is not book knowledge although there is much to gain from reading of various subjects. A Shaman is one who gets knowledge from and understands the ways of the soul, the ways of the spirit and the ways of nature and uses these aspects to live an impeccable life and help others to live an impeccable life. To be a Shaman is to live a certain way, to be a certain way, not a goal or journey. There is no end result in being a Shaman as a Shaman is on a continuous path of discovering and applying the huge mysteries of the Cosmos that act upon all beings. To be in balance with these Cosmic forces is the way of the Shaman.

What the Shaman knows is that there are many Cosmic Laws acting upon all sentient beings and it is to the advantage of all beings to know and understand these Cosmic forces and apply them for a happier life, a happier journey.

An example is the Cosmic Law of Karma which operates through cause and effect. To live better, you want to understand Karma and how it really works and not the pop psychology interpretation of "what goes around, comes around" for it is more than that. Karma is a Cosmic teaching tool that allows you to experience the effects of the causes you have made both good and bad. It is not a punishment at all. It teaches you what it feels like to, for example, abuse someone if you have abused that you may undertake to learn from your abusing in moving beyond it. In this way, you are given opportunities to grow and mature in both your humanity and your soulfulness.

The Shaman knows the Cosmic Laws and lives by them, does not refute or ignore them. These very important Laws are an integral part of the Shaman's color palate of conscious awareness allowing the Shaman to operate in a nonordinary reality of expanded or heightened awareness.

This is available to all human beings. To delve into the Cosmic Laws is to begin appreciating what the Shaman knows.


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