I Have Always Known There is Someone Other Than "Me" Inside

From the time I was a little child of five or six, I felt that there was someone or something else inside me other than the "me" that I knew on an ordinary basis. This something was a silent partner, a silent presence that knew, just knew and always knew better. It was a part of "me" that could "see" what my ordinary "me" couldn't or wouldn't.

I spent my entire life getting to know this non-ordinary part of myself and I have come to understand it as my titanic, cosmic, shamanic soul. The most incredible aspect of this soul part of myself is that it always took me to where I needed to be. It has led me all my life to my destiny and very often, without my ordinary self being totally aware it was doing that.

I write this today because I have become aware that I have always had a powerful ally by my side and it was the soul part of my self, always guiding me on a true course. There was nothing else that I really needed in my life to arrive at why I came here and what my role was here. My soul was doing it whether I realized it or not. While I have many spiritual guides and many have been there for me, in one way or another, it was my soul that was always in the lead.

The most important aspect of this realization is that the ordinary me was open enough to connect with the soul part of myself and it is the most important thing anyone can and will do while a human being. If you are looking to find your purpose, your way, why things happen in your life, look to your soul connection, look to your soul. No other person can tell you what you are about, not a guru, a rabbi, priest, imam, self-help professional, no one. It is you that tells you. No on-line or college course will tell you. It is your soul and that is your job for 2017...connecting with your soul.

You don't have to do anything or go anywhere. Your soul is right where you are, your soul is you! Listen to it.


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