I Am Not Here For Humanity, I Am Here For Gaia

I am a Being who is in service wherever I go in the Cosmos. My service here on Earth is not to my fellow man but is to the being, Gaia, the sentient being that ensouls the Earth. What do I bring here, what do I do here? I bring my vibratory level of the sacred space of the unlimitedness of the Cosmos here and my doing is simply being present here on Earth that my vibration may assist Gaia in raising her vibrational level to that of sacred space. This is happening contrary to popular opinion and it demands that ALL beings on Earth either move to this level of sacred space WITH Gaia or leave the planet and go to a more dense vibratory level like Earth used to be. Yes, there are planets in the Cosmos that are as dense, consciously, as Earth with wars, fear, hate, debt, poverty, bigotry, judgement and intolerance. If you can't tolerate sacred space where the energy is Love, joy, harmony, balance, health, light, abundance, manifestation and peace, then Gaia is not for you.

There is no more time for fence-sitting. Now is the time to make your final decision about being sacred space or staying in an old, dense, energy paradigm where the lower vibrations dominate and there is much suffering.

May I suggest that you look deep within yourself to see where you stand and take the step either way. There is no judgement in this either way. Either your raising your vibratory level or not. It's up to you. If you want to stay in the densest of vibrations, you are allowed but you cannot stay or return to Earth.

I am here until Gaia finalizes her sacred space. Then I leave Earth for another assignment in which I will again be in service.


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