I Am Cosmic Sacred Space

I am Cosmic sacred space. What in the world does that mean and why should you care? First, being in Cosmic sacred space is being in an awareness of cosmic proportions where I live sacred space that has no limits. Sacred space, if you are not familiar with what it is, is your soul reality, not your avatar reality of persona/psyche/ego that many are mesmerized by. Soul space or soul reality is that awareness that gives you a clear connecting link to intent. You are, in sacred space, connected consciously, to the intent of the Creative Source Infinite intelligence. It is considered sacred because it is used to manifest that which is sacred and divine: Love, joy, light, balance, peace, harmony, health, abundance, manifestation and joy!

In as much as you should care about this, it is your free will choice to create a life where you are in sacred space, a life that is conscious and where you practice cleaning your connecting link to intent, making it possible to manifest your desires.

In sacred space, all is infinitely possible. It is available to everyone and it's the level of awareness in which we, the sentient beings on Earth, are heading.

Being in sacred space, I can tell you, is a much enhanced place than the 3D matrix domain of the persona/psyche/ego which is limited in it's scope of manifestation. It is to your benefit to move into sacred space and be informed by your soul.  You have this ability. Why not avail yourself of it?

The reason you don't is that you are too identified with your avatar. You think it's the real deal when it's only a space suit.

May I suggest you look into your creating sacred space. You may like the face of God.


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