Cosmic Citizen, Cosmic Awareness

I am on Earth but I am not a citizen of Earth. I am a Cosmic citizen and am a Being of Cosmic awareness. What does this signify and what does this have to do with you?

I am a Cosmic citizen because I am linked to Cosmic consciousness where my awareness is unlimited and not solely defined by earthly awareness. For example, I am aware of the Cosmic Laws that operate in the Cosmos, these "regularities" that are part of the fabric of the Cosmic web and act upon us no matter what planet we are on in the Cosmos. There are many such laws and a good example is the Law of Karma. "The Law of Karma is that Law wherein entities arrange within themselves, on any level, to make just payment for any action committed that affects the welfare of oneself or another. The Law of Karma is irrevocable and may be depended upon to bring those who stray from the Law of Unity back into balance through this Divine Justice of the Universe." This is an awareness that is part of Cosmic awareness.

Why this concerns you is because Cosmic awareness is available to all and it is an awareness that creates in your life on Earth a life of unlimited definition. Life on Earth has its parameters and it is not the only game in town. We can live on Earth with Cosmic awareness and broaden our horizons to include a greater awareness, understanding of life at large helping us to live better lives, I believe.

Increasing your awareness to a Cosmic scope is what your awareness wants to do anyway. Become aware of the Cosmic Laws that act upon you without fail and you indelibly link yourself to a greater reality, a greater awareness that brings greater and greater blessings.

This is a matter of attuning. Open your mind to the fact, the reality that a greater, more expanded awareness exists for you and one you can avail yourself of for greater happiness.


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