Being In Sacred Space

I am sacred space. Being sacred space is an awesome responsibility because whatever you think, feel, do and believe, manifests instantly affecting many. This is no joke, this is no make-believe assertion. It is real and palpable and I share this with you today as we are in more of sacred space on our planet than ever before in that the Earth, Gaia, has and continues to move into sacred space as all the sentient beings upon her continue to move into sacred space as well.

Sacred space is available to everyone and you enter sacred space by allowing yourself to be your soul energy, putting your persona/psyche/ego side of yourself in a sub-dominant position as your soul leads your every move, not your ego.

This is an important message that I cannot stress enough as this is a time when the dark energies on our planet are making a last stand as we are seeing in places like Turkey and Iraq. Do not be afraid of these forces that look to wreak havoc on our planet. Be the sacred space you are and continue creating, being and sharing the different timeline of peace, joy, Love, abundance, balance, light, harmony, manifestation, and health.

You have walked through the Portal of Divine Manifestation. You can't undo it. You must allow more sacred space in your awareness now and move out of terror, recriminations and negativity.

This is a big shift that you are being asked to make. No more fear of the unknown. You are in sacred space where there is no fear, only Love.

Tune into this reality today and start walking this path of heightened awareness for yourself and other self. Your life depends on it!


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