You Can't Get Sick If Your Soul Doesn't Need To

What I have discovered about physical, mental and emotional "sickness" or imbalance is that if your soul has no need to experience sickness, it will not. Also, all sickness comes from the soul since the soul projects the persona/psyche/ego which is part of your physicality. When you are separated from your soul, when you are not soulful, you become unaware of your soul's need for balance, for necessary completion of soul urges, for the dealing with feelings that need to be faced and released, that need completion.

Here's a very rudimentary example of what I perceive: when you refuse to face your feelings which are your soul's way of communicating, these feelings are bottled up in the persona/psyche/ego in your mind, body and heart. When they are not faced or dealt with in a healthy manner, they eventually have their release through some form of mind, body or heart sickness whether it's depression, cancer or malaise. 

When you face your grief, depression, sadness, anxiety, worry, pity, anger, hatred and shame, you give your soul an opportunity to both experience these feelings and then let them pass through you so that they don't imbalance you by staying with you indefinitely.

Connect with your soul by listening to when it communicates through emotion and feeling. This is a key to health. Ignoring your soul's promptings is your key to sickness and disease. The soul is not sick. It only gets sick through ignorance. The soul does not create a sick body to punish you. Sickness is the soul's wake-up call to you to get with the program and deal with, face your ignoring that you even have a soul and it's talking to you.

You can't and won't get sick unless you have shoved your soul to the side and refute it's messages to you. The soul's messages come in the form of mind, body and heart sickness and health to tell you whether you are off track or not. Pay attention.


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