You Are Never Stuck

No one is ever "stuck" in a status quo in their life. "Stuck" is a cognitive trap where you have forgotten, through the amnesia of habit, your true power and connectedness to Great Spirit. The Light is always available for those who seek illumination.

You can literally heal your so-called "stuck" position with Love, Loving yourself as you are Loved by Great Spirit. When you wish to become unstuck, seek higher ground on which to build your nest which is a metaphor for using higher reason, higher ego, higher Spiritial realities to see that you are allowing yourself to be controlled by lower energies. The nest is the home of the heart and this is where you must go to change your belief in an impossibility in your present status.

The Cosmic law of the pendulum states that the pendulum eventually swings so nothing stays the same. It is impossible to stay "stuck" in any situation. One of the best ways to get out of your negative status quo is to stop your negative thinking and behavior. This is a biggie. If you are "stuck" in negativity, stop being negative yourself. Apply compassion, kindness, harmony and balance to the situation and watch it miraculously change for the better.

Change that habit of yours that has you reacting negatively. It is a habit most of us continue using to our own demise.

You are never stuck. It's an impossibility!!!


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