Tuesday, December 6, 2016

What's All This Talk About Being In The Now

What's the real meaning behind all this talk about "being in the now?" What is the now and why is it relevant and important to exist in the now? From my experience of being in the now and the now beckoning me more and more to live there, I experience it as no longer defining myself by my past or future, living in the past or future and indentifying with my beliefs, thoughts, behaviors of the past or future. I live in the now moment where I am present to and with experiences now. I live in a mindful state and allow my life to be new and not a rehash of old ways.

Living in the now means I don't live in the past or future and it does not mean that I haven't learned from past mistakes or that I don't have goals. The idea of living in the now is living in a place where you are flexible to what's in the moment and you are not defined by previous timelines. Living in and for the past and future means that you miss the present where everything happens. Timelines are fluid, meaning you can move backward or forward in time at your discretion. There are times when that fluid movement comes in handy as when you are doing a life review or you want to change something in your past. However, living your life from the past or future keeps you stuck there as all actions come out of the now.

Living in the now is where you live for the moment where the magic happens, where you don't color your experiences with thoughts of what happened before or what will happen next. You are here right now. This allows you to be whatever you want to be in the sense that you are not defining yourself by a rigid set of standards. Sure, you maintain a sense of self but you allow your definition of self to expand to include more facets of yourself where you never say should or try.

In the now moment you are free to choose more of what your potential is filled with and that is the unlimited reality of the infinite. Stop putting your self in a tightly defined box inscribed by your past or future. Live in the now, every now that comes next. You are always in the now and your past and future will be shaped by your now.

The real meaning of the now is a sense that your persona/psyche/ego is more fluid than you think, than you allow. Be in the now. Your Self will love you for it.

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