What Does It Mean To Have A Cosmic Connection?

I have Cosmic connections. What does that mean? What I recognize about so-called Cosmic connections is that my soul is of Cosmic awareness. I am a Being who has a soul whose awareness is expanded to encompass a connection to the Creative Source Infinite Intelligence. So, while on Earth, in human form, I am aware that my soul is quantum and unlimited. I am here, there and everywhere in the Cosmos at the same time that I am in body here on Earth. Some call me a Starseed since I am not from Earth.

What does this have to do with you? I tell you about my awareness and origins as it is time that you figure out who you are. It is no longer the time to be asleep to who and what you are. You have been conditioned to believe that you are just a human being living on planet Earth. This is very far from the truth. Who you really are has more to do with your soul and it is high time that you connect to it as I have connected to my Cosmic soul to realize my Cosmic connections.

Perhaps you will discover that your origins are from a light realm and not a physical planet! Who knows? In any case, this is the time for great self-exploration to discover exactly who you are. I am not talking about persona/psyche/ego, about character, belief systems, ideas, thoughts or anything to do with the mind, body or emotions. I am encouraging you to explore your soul.

It takes courage to wake up to your soul, I'll give you that but it is of critical importance at this time. We are being asked by our Cosmic connections to remember who we really are and we are NOT just human beings making money. We are souls expressing ourselves in human format to discover more about our souls through a physical experience.

Become aware of your soul. That what it means to have Cosmic connections.


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