Thursday, December 8, 2016

Stop Separating From Your Soul

My advice to the large majority of people on the planet is to stop separating from your soul as if it's "out there" somewhere. Why do I advise this? I advise this because it is causing you the greatest nightmare of a soulless reality in which you allow yourself to believe that you have to earn your soul connection by some kind of moral, good religious behavior and you walk around the planet being informed by your persona/psyche/ego which is only a soul projection and not your soul itself.

What does this lead to? It leads to man's greatest tragedy: feeling a lack of self-worth, feeling worthless. As a result, humans who feel worthless lash out at other humans and project their lack of self-worth on others by killing them in tribal wars as we are seeing in the Middle East and elsewhere, being hateful, bigoted, greedy, unkind, selfish, self-centered, fearful and demented. We are observing this behavior in our new American leaders. We are seeing leaders with sensitive egos lashing out. What I just described is soulless behavior. It's rife on the planet.

How can we change this? How can we connect back with our souls? The first step is to change your thinking, your false, conditioned belief that you and your soul are separate as if it's somewhere else. Make your soul a part of you by retrieving it back by accepting that it is you and it projects you. Take back your soul by rejecting the false premise that you have to do something to earn it like a good little boy or girl. Nonsense!!!

Your soul is always with you but it is you who ignore it because you believe your persona/psyche/ego is real and your soul is a fairytale. The opposite of that belief is true. Your soul is the real. Your persona/psyche/ego is a holographic projection designed by Spirit so that you can exist in this software program called Nature. Your body is a spacesuit. Your soul is the spaceship. Your soul is where you live, your body is where you visit for a nanosecond. Your body is the software program and your soul is part of the hardware.

Change the false conditioning that has ousted your soul from you. Stop separating from your soul. Stop your separation consciousness. You are your soul. Just keep repeating that until you know it. Otherwise, you are a soulless zombie.

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