Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Stop Crying Because Your Robotic Nature is Going Bye Bye

All of humanity's robotic nature, that is, behaving unconsciously, doing and behaving thoughtlessly and mindlessly is going by the way of the Dodo bird. It's going adios!!! We are now being asked to change to a fully conscious and mindful state of being where we think, feel, believe and behave with our full awareness intact. No more just eating or talking unconsciously not even aware of the taste of the food as you wolf it down or not knowing that what you are saying is hurting someone or that it's an unconscious, fake feedback loop that you spout out of your mouth like a robot without a shred of feeling or intention in it.

The days of the unconscious human are over and everyone knows it. That's why there's so much crying going on, so much fear and angst on the Earth right now. Fakery is going away and anything that is unconscious or not mindful is going to disappear and that includes many belief systems of the Matrix we have come to hold dear like greed, debt, homelessness, poverty, war, hate, prejudice, bigotry, jealousy, fear, dogma and other unconscious programming. Some other examples are Big Pharma and Fast Foods, processed foods. Say good bye to having a pill for everything that poisons you. We are going back to powerful medicines from the Earth that cure cancer that have been suppressed by Big Pharma. The time of the Real is here. Get with the program.

If it ain't conscious, it ain't here. Becoming conscious is the new normal. It includes being conscious of your emotions, your feelings, what your body tells you, what beliefs are no longer serving you, using language that has meaning, not just empty words. You will never say, "have a nice day" like a robot again. If you don't mean it, you will not say it.

This state of being conscious is not easy. It's a 360 degree turn from where most people are right now.  It is a state of awareness that humans once had but has been conditioned out of us. Please understand that this does not mean you will do everything or anything whether it hurts people or the planet because you believe it's a conscious thing to do! You will use discernment from now on to know when it is the right time to say or do a conscious act.

This new, conscious state of awareness takes some getting used to and some practice using. The first place to start is to be honest with yourself and become more aware of your self and the feelings you suppress, become more mindful of all you are, do, think, believe and feel. Mindful means that you are there with yourself and not on autopilot. It will take some doing. I suggest you put down the cell phone and start now.

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