Saturday, December 3, 2016

Say What You Mean/Mean What You Say

In writing about wisdom and esoteric subjects as I do in this blog, I believe that I must be clear in what I am expressing in this blog so there is little or no misunderstanding or confusion about my meaning here. I must say what I mean and mean what I say. I think that it's important not to be euphemistic or figurative about translating Spiritual experiences or realities that I live by, experience and am aware of. My desire is to share with you abstract realities that you and I can understand without being unsure of what is meant.

I am surprised at the obfuscation going on around us where people are saying not to take the words and promises of a particular leader literally. They are saying that the words of this leader are just euphemistic and figurative so the meaning YOU perceived is wrong because he really meant THIS! What this leader said, I took wrongly. So, what did he really mean? The answer SEEMS to be that this leader didn't mean anything as there is no meaning in what he said. What he says is just for effect.

How does this effect the wise? The wise amongst us look at this leader and we patiently wait for a literal action that is taken that will literally affect many. Words no longer matter since they don't really mean what the leader says. With this leader, we only look at the works, the results, what is happening on the ground. With anything else, we become a player in a game of make-believe, a guessing game, a game of hide-and-go-seek.

I don't have to play a game in the 3 D matrix in which I have no idea what the rules are because I already am in the world of Spirit where there are no rules as we understand them. Spirit has no rules but it does have metaphysical laws that operate with impunity and are very clear in their meaning and operation such as the Law of Karma or cause and effect. Spirit does not obfuscate when you come to understand the ways of Spirit. Spirit does not use euphemistic and figurative means to confuse. Spirit, in my experience, is direct even though it can be abstract. When you understand the language of Spirit, you perceive that it definitely means what it says and says what it means, unabashedly.

I am wise so I don't seek to follow one who confuses me no matter who they are. Obfuscation is NOT wisdom!!!

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