News Or Fake News...It's Not The Truth Anyway

The rise in so-called "fake news" is a welcomed development that I perceive as an important reminder and teaching for this changing time. What could "fake news" possibly teach us? From where I sit, I see "fake news" as the lesson that teaches us that there is no truth in the news, fake or not. News is an event(s) that's being reported and the reporter is doing her best to get as accurate account of the factual reality of what happened. This is based on the reporters perception, a possible eyewitness of the event and the questioning of other eyewitnesses of the event. In this reporting there is no truth, even if you were there and saw it for yourself.

The truth doesn't exist as my perception of reality is true for me but may not be true for you. My perception of a political leader's policies may be good and true for you but not for me. Truth is based on perception. What truth is there then? The truths that I find to be accurate and true are the Cosmic Laws that operate on us. I'm talking about truths and laws like Karma and those kind of laws and there are many of them. Look them up as there are about 28 to 33 Cosmic Laws that are true and that are not simply our perception, our facts or even what's true for us.

When we look at news reporting, that reporting can be slanted and biased as to give a subjective point of view. It is the opinion of the news organization to fit in with the views of its patrons or to help shape those views as the news organization sees fit to shape them. There is no such thing as objective reporting or truth in reporting news. When I see or read the news, I know I am getting one person's view, one news organization's view of how it happened or even that it really did happen.

How do we deal with this new teaching, this new awareness that news is not the truth? We must take it with a grain of salt and if we want to get at the most accurate depiction of the news, what we call the most objective facts, we must not believe surface level reporting. We must, if we are interested in getting to the kernel of what really happened, check many sources, do deeper research, use our own discernment and critical thinking, use our minds AND hearts.

The truth IS out there but it's not in the form of news, fake or otherwise. Truth is in the form of Cosmic Laws that operate on us with impunity. Learn about these laws and you will be closer to THE truth. As far as news or fake news, you'll really never know unless you improve your critical thinking  and dig much deeper into news stories. Even then, it's still not news, it's olds.


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