Let Your Heart Be Your Guide

We, as a species of human beings, are finding a revelatory truth about ourselves, that we have long overlooked, ignored, doubted and refuted. This revelatory truth has stunned us because we believed for so long that the brain was the source of our intelligence. We have come to realize that it is not the brain but the heart that is the true "brain" of our being, containing great intuition and wise intelligence if we would only follow it. Much research on this has been done by the HeartMath Institute and others and is called heart-brain coherence where both of these major parts of ourselves are much more effective when they work together with the brain in service to the heart.

It is important to heed this new revelation and to let your heart be your guide. A great source of understanding on this subject can be found in Gregg Braden's book, "The Resilience of the Heart."

Letting your heart be your trusted guide is living from a place of deep intuition and the heart cannot and does not lie. The heart is true and puts you on a path of "heartfelt living." Heartfelt living is living from the promptings of your soul which is the deepest aspect of every human. If you desire a more fulfilled, intuitive and spiritual life, start connecting with your heart while, at the same time, letting your brain be an equal partner with your heart, not a more dominant partner.

The heart is a powerful ally in all aspects of life and is our greatest power to help us live lives that are lived from the core, living from what is most essentially you, living from what speaks to your deepest beliefs and desires from a place of truth.

Let your heart be your guide. It will never steer you wrong and don't forget to forge an equal partnership between your heart and your brain. It is in this relationship that you will find your greatest resilience in living life's many challenges.


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