Sunday, December 11, 2016

Important to Simply Intend, Not Expect

All human beings have the capability to intend, that is, to create reality, any reality. To Intend is to make so and it is one of the most powerful forces of the Cosmos that is the Force of God. Using intention is using the same force God does. It has been given to humans to use. But alas, humans want to use expectation, want to attach themselves to outcomes, want to be conditional instead of using one of the most powerful forces in the Cosmos, intent!

From my experience with using intent and letting go of expectations, I can attest that using intent is far superior to expecting something to happen or expecting someone to behave the way you expect them to. I have found expecting to be the domain of the ego where you are trying to fix a rigid outcome. When you expect, you hook yourself into a rigid pattern that does not allow flow and eventually leaves you disappointed. I have discovered the use of my intent to be far superior in intending what I desire to happen and then letting the outcome go to let intent happen without my further intervention. Intent is a force that is very capable by itself to make and shape realities. You don't need expectations which are a form of obsession.

Once you Intend a thing, the idea is to let it go, forget it in the knowledge that your intent is all powerful and will manifest your desire. You don't need to put conditions on it.

I cannot emphasize the importance of this move away from ego expectation to Divine intent. If you stay in expectation, you will always suffer, be disappointed because things and people never turn out the way you expect them to. Instead, simply intend and let the rhythms of the Cosmos bring forth what you intended, not what you expected.

Expectation is attachment, intention is letting go, letting it happen just the way it wants to without interference. Intention is more about knowing it will happen without worry. Expectation is tightening your grip on an outcome that causes that outcome to get squeezed and never come to fruition.

I have experienced both intention and expectation. My preference is intention because it leaves me in peace.

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