I Have Chosen To Face Myself

I have chosen to face myself. The quintessential meaning of this is that I am no longer distracting myself from who I really am and that is a soul having a human experience. I have faced my soul. I have made it my business to follow my soul's directives.

The biggest Soul directive that I followed that I can use as an example for you is that it revealed to me that I am an ultra-sensitive hyper-empath that vibrates in the consciousness of Love, healing and wisdom. My soul revealed to me that my role here on Earth is to simply be present in the vibration of who I am. If you think that it was easy to arrive at this awareness, to accept what I am, you are mistaken as it took me many years of confirmation and reaffirmation to believe who and what I am. The next step was to be, to embody who I am. This was the most difficult to actualize in a culture that doesn't believe in what I vibrate: Love, healing and wisdom.

Imagine my going around as a child in the early 60's professing to be this!!! It was not the time to come out but many around me were unkind to me because they subconsciously felt the difference in me. Luckily for me, I was strong enough to not only withstand these onslaughts but I was able to overcome the environment.

As a young child, I didn't know I was facing myself as I began my journey to become who I am. I simply didn't relate to the consciousness of many around me and found few friends as I stayed on the outskirts of the circles of people I was involved with.

What is odd to me today is that I unwittingly faced who I was beginning in ninth grade without knowing it by entering a speech contest in 1965 and doing Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I have a Dream" speech and winning the contest. I became popular in school and remained so throughout High School expressing myself through speaking and theatre. I was a leader and formidable force among my peers yet remained hidden in the shadows.

I decided, after many years, to face myself and become myself, that is, to be who I am. I am happy I did so as I am now fully connected to my soul.

I encourage all of you to face yourself today and become who you really are right now if you haven't already done so. Your soul is waiting for you.


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