Thursday, December 15, 2016

I Am A Vibratory Frequency

I am a vibratory frequency made up of many different vibrational speeds that determine my level of reality. I have an ability to vibrate in body in this 3D earthly matrix and vibrate the frequencies of dimensions 1 through 4 where most inhabiting the planet vibrate. My level of reality is quantum. I am operating out of an eighth dimensional construct, an eighth dimensional "Matrix" that is as real as any reality of the Cosmic web. The reality I operate out of is a dimension whose base principle is limitlessnes, one that has co-creative frequencies at work.

What does this Awareness signify? Why is it important? For me, this signifies that human beings are multidimensional and are nor fixed in just 3D awareness. You are already vibrating beyond 3D and it is your free will choice to be your other vibrations beyond the 3rd dimension or not. This is important in light of the fact that Gaia, our planet, has already moved into 5D and humans on the planet are in a great quandary because they haven't caught up with this vibration of Love yet. Humans are being asked to give up the low vibrations they have become used to and comfortable with, vibrations that engender avarice, greed, war, hate, selfishness, debt, lack, hate, fear, bigotry, sickness and other low vibrating thought constructs.

The realities of the higher vibrational constructs are ones of Love, joy, peace, Light, harmony, balance, abundance, manifestation and health. Why would people not want to vibrate higher? There are many reasons why humans are ignoring the call to raise their vibrational levels to the higher frequencies foremost of which is a willfulness not to.

I have a message for those of you who are willfully staying fixed in their 3D matrix: it is your choice to do so but you will become increasingly more disturbed as the rest of us leave you behind since we are vibrating in the 6th dimension and beyond so that we can stay on Earth. You will feel so alone vibrating in 3D which is no longer here. It has left. Your only choice is to vibrate higher or leave the planet for another place where your vibrations will be matched. If you choose to leave the planet, the place you will go will have people like you so that you will feel right at home in your low vibrations.

This is no joke and please don't ask on what authority I am putting this forth. I live the higher vibrations, that's my authority. You in the 3D matrix are looking for me to show you a certificate or guru or rabbi who gave me some authority to reveal this to you. That is your way since you don't feel worthy of raising your vibrations. You are going to ignore, doubt, refute and hesitate regarding this information. That's OK. It's your free will choice.

THOSE OF YOU WITH HIGHER AWARENESS TAKE HEED: What I write here is very real and true. It's time to raise your vibrations from the 3D matrix of fear to the 5D matrix of Love. Otherwise, you're going to be left holding the 3D matrix bag and all the lower energies it contains and you won't be happy.

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