I Am A Soul, Not A Body

What I really am is a soul, I am never a body. I am not human. I am a soul having a human experience and at this juncture in my evolution, I have remembered that in any of my experiences in format, including human, I am always informed by who I really am: a non-human soul.

That being realized, I am also informed by my experiences in human format. I have learned, as a soul and realized, the deeper meaning of and how to better express my talents, my esoteric abilities, my persona, psyche and ego in human form as a result of remembering that it is my soul expressing itself through my human forms. My soul remembers all my forays into human format and it is so appreciative and greatful for this awesome physical reality that teaches my soul so much. This is why I feel such great self-worth.

What I mean by this is that when informed by my soul, I know that I have a completeness in that I know who and what I am. I go into human form to refine my Self awareness and that is where the joy of the human experience comes from: I am enjoying refining my sense of soul through my human experiences. I have chosen my bodies in every one of the thousands upon thousands of lifetimes I have lived on Earth and elsewhere in format be it human or otherwise.

I am a true extraterrestrial in that I am really not human at all. I am an alien being from the stars who has purposely hidden in human form among you as a sower of light, love, compassion, kindness, peace and higher awareness. I have come to Earth to remind you that this is you as well. You are not human. You are having a human experience but you have become over-identified with your human format and forgot that you are really a soul.

It is time to remember who you really are: extraterrestrials from the stars who have incarnated on Earth to have a human experience in order to expand your soul's awareness. I advise you to get with this awareness. You are going to need it in the coming days.


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