Sunday, December 18, 2016

I Am Not What You Think I Am

"I am not what you think I am. You are what you think I am!"

I am simply a mirror for your self-reflection and depending how fixed you are in your self-reflection; what I mirror back to you will either teach you or deject you.

Self-reflection is the domain of your persona/psyche/ego and how entrenched you are in believing that is really you will be the level of your heartache and insanity. Persona/psyche/ego is just an expression of your soul that it creates that you may have singularity in the software program called the 3D Marix. Your soul expresses itself here as a character that seemingly acts out a life that seems real. It's as real as gossamer wings, a puff of air. Your true nature is your soul essence and when you are feeling anything as a result of a relationship with anyone or anything, that feeling tells about you and not the stimuli. How YOU react to a person or thing is about you, not them.

This is the reason why relationships are important. They reflect back to us our process of soul maturity in showing us our lacks and our gains, what we have learned and what we have yet to understand. When people push your buttons, that is the signal to pay attention and see what you are being taught about yourself. Your reactions in your relationships, good or bad, show you who YOU are. The way the soul works is that it will call experiences to itself that it needs to learn from. So, be aware that those people and experiences that you perceived were hard on you were there as your greatest teachers, otherwise they would not appear in your life.

Life is a teacher. When you see life that way, you can learn more about yourself and make the necessary adjustments to attain clarity. Your true state of being is NOT annoyance of people and situations in your life. It's a state of happiness and joy knowing that you are making all-important soul progress...the most critical kind of progress bar none.

So, when you get to true clarity, your Mantra will be, "What you think of me is none of my business!"

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