Monday, December 5, 2016

How To Live The Good Life

It looks to me from where I'm sitting that most people on Earth desire to live the good life. What is the good life? For me, the good life is a life where you are sustained in all your ways. Your needs are all fulfilled. Can we achieve this state of being? How do we reach this state of being? 

I have been given three keys by Spirit that have provided me with a life in which I have always had what I needed. These keys are in the form of questions to ask yourself:

1. Am I operating with my highest integrity?

2. Am I operating with Love?

3. Is Love my intention for Earth, for animals, all the people I encounter and all the things I do?

When you ask these questions and answer them honestly in all you do, you will undoubtedly find yourself enjoying the good life for all that you need will come to you. Operating out of integrity and Love are the two greatest forces in the Cosmos, forces that the Cosmos is built upon and uses to create the abundance inherent in it. When you align with these forces, when you are these forces, you attract more integrity and Love into your life. Be integrity. Be Love. In this way, you shall lack of nothing. I would call that the good life. 

By the way, integrity and Love are free.

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