Hawk-Messenger And What I Received Continued

One of the meanings of Hawk is to be open to receiving. This is tricky as we often allow our emotions to get in the way and rule us.

I unwittingly opened myself to receiving as I kept calm entering a Toyota dealership the day after I saw two hawks in the sky. My son and I were there to trade in his 2012 Scion and get a new Prius if possible. I held back my doubting emotions that were based on various factors I will not go into. Let's say they were very real factors that made me feel like going to this dealership was a waste of time.

I kept calm and opened myself to receiving. What happened is still unbelievable to both me and my son. We were told that we qualify for 0% financing on a 2017 Toyota Corolla iM, a new, re-designed vehicle that Toyota just rolled out. We got, on top of an affordable car payment that goes all to principal, a three-year extended warranty, complete tire warranty, road-side assistance from Toyota, gap car insurance that was very reasonable and a negliable increase in our overall vehicle insurance premium. What?

My son and I both kept our doubting Thomases under wraps and we allowed the flow of abundance to manifest in our lives as heralded by Hawk and its message to be on alert to receiving.

I share this with you because we are all connected to Great Spirit and if we are open to it's messages, its signs, signals, omens, we can perceive, receive and be granted access to all there is, living lives of great knowledge, wisdom, peace, grace, gratitude and appreciation as we realize that we are the trust-fund babies of the Universe.


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