Saturday, December 10, 2016

God Is An Inside Job...It Is Not In The Sky

When you mention God and point up to the sky, you are making an incorrect reference point for its presence. God is not there. God, from my experience of being a conduit of its intent, is inside me. God is inside my heart. The heart is what you can connect to to know God, not the sky, as if God is sitting on some throne in the clouds. That image of an old man in the sky is fakery, my friends. Time to grow up and know that God is intent. God is the Force of intent!!!

God is an inside job and resides in our hearts for all of us to connect with. God is NOT outside of ourselves. In order to see God in Nature, you have to connect with it in yourself first. You connect with God through your heart, not your brain, not your thoughts, not your beliefs, it's in your heart!!! God is not a thought. God is pure intent. What is intent? "Intent is the pervasive force that causes us to perceive. We do not become aware because we perceive; rather, we perceive as a result of the pressure and intrusion of intent."

All of us can connect with intent, God. Instead, we play at knowing God through our personas/psyches/egos which is just an ideation of God and not the real BEING.

If you wish to really connect with the Force called God, connect with your intent located in your heart. Connecting with God does not happen through anyone or anything else but your own heart, connecting to intent.

You have been fooled into thinking that God is in some structure you enter, some holy place or some person "higher" than you. God is not there. God is in you. It is there that you will find it.

Go within to look for God. You will find God patiently waiting for your arrival. When you finally see God, don't run away!

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