God Gives Us Nothing

God, from my experience, gives us nothing. Why is that? God gives us nothing because he already has given us everything. He has given us unlimited potential, possibilities, abundance, creation and life. So, there's no need to ask God for anything. You already have everything but you have allowed society to condition you into believing that you are born lacking and worthless. You buy into this tripe. You spend your whole life asking, praying for all that has already been given to you while at the same time blocking yourself through your wrong-headed beliefs from having what's already there.

How do we come to terms with this? It starts with the realization that everything we desire is already here for the enjoying and we simply have to attune ourselves, align ourselves with the vibrations, the frequency of that which we desire to have in our life. For example, if you want abundance in your life, start vibrating the frequency of abundance by feeling, thinking, believing and doing abundance. Even if you don't really feel it at first, pretend it by imagining abundance in your reality now. It is not about having abundance come to you, since it's already here, it's about you attuning to and with abundance. Think like a rich person. Feel like you already have a million bucks.

The idea is to resonate in your being, in your heart and mind the qualities, the values you desire to have in your life. That right there is the true gift God has given you. You desire more money? Attune to the vibration of money by first and foremost never saying or thinking you're broke. Think and feel rich. Take that last $20 and keep it in your wallet, looking at it and feeling, yes, feeling abundant. The feeling is the vibration, the feeling is the attunement. If you continuing saying you're broke and feel broke, you are attuning to the consciousness, the frequency of lack and nothing will come into your reality.

This is not an easy process. It takes time and effort so be patient and practice tuning your feelings and thoughts (heart/brain coherence) to the vibration of that which you desire in your life. Here are some worthy vibrations/frequencies to consider attuning to right now: LOVE, JOY, BALANCE, ABUNDANCE, MANIFESTATION, HEALTH, LIGHT, PEACE AND HARMONY.

You want Love? Feel Love, be Loving. One must give to get. God is right here cheering you on. Go get 'em!!!


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