Monday, December 12, 2016

Energy Of 2017 Is Ambition And Take Charge

We are entering a time when fence-sitting is obsolete. Next year you will be called upon to engage, take action and no longer watch the action of these times on the sidelines. 2017 is numerolgically a year of the master number 1. It is a number of manifestation, ambition and drive. This master number reflects the energy of leadership, taking charge and manifesting your desires once and for all.

If you are serious about unplugging from the energies of the worn out ideas of "the Marix," 2017 is the year to take the energy of this time seriously and not dismiss it, ignore it or doubt it. It is your portal to align to in bringing your own energies in line with the energies of this powerful master number of manifestation, the number 1.

My suggestion is to give your intent right now, today, this day of the powerful 12/12/16 portal, of all you desire to manifest in your life. Write it all down. Remember it. Let it be your guiding principle in 2017 as your read it and look at it every day.

This is no joke. This master number energy is as real as it gets as my life number is 11 and I know that this master number of being a major manifestor is as real as it gets. What this has meant for me is that when I needed to manifest anything, I made it happen. I did not pout, throw a tantrum, cry, whine or destroy. I went out and manifested. Many times this was done in the physical realm like when I needed money, I would get a job or I would use implicit intent, a nonpysical means and money would arrive on my doorstep. Whatever it was that I needed, I gave intent and it came into my life. That is the energy of a major manifestor. Can do energy. Not victim energy. Not sitting on the couch energy. Get up and make it happen energy. This has nothing to do with your situation. It has everything to do with your mindset. Free yourself from the shackles that have conditioned you to think like a worthless victim.

May I suggest that you align with the drive you have within you and make it happen. The energy of the master number of manifestation is here so why not avail yourself of it by aligning your energy with it not against it!!!

Get down from the fence and go make it happen!

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