All This Talk About "The Matrix"

We are seeing a lot of talk about exiting "the Matrix" as if it's some alien construct. What is the Matrix, why is there so much talk about it and why must we exit from it?

The Matrix is really a thought construct made up of belief systems that hold together human conformist behavior patterns. A very good example is the thought construct belief system in Christianity that puts forth that all humans are born in original sin. This belief is inculcated into people from birth and causes them to live thinking they are worthless, that is, filled with original sin unless they do something defined by the church that will take away their sins. I don't disparage this belief. I am using it as an example of the mass consciousness agreement that helps create what is known as the Matrix. Therefore, the Matrix is a holographic thought construct similar to a computer software program that humans engender, buy into and follow.

The reason there is talk about exiting this Matrix is because these belief systems no longer work for humanity as we have moved on to more aware belief systems where we are no longer slaves to old energy ideas that are essentially dead weight. The ideas include war, greed, hate, debt, homelessness, self-importance, egomania, self-centeredness, lack, poverty and much more. We have believed in these thought construct agreements and have learned from them. We are now releasing these from our human experience and thus the expression, " exiting the Matrix."

Exiting the old energy Matrix takes courage as you are leaving behind the familiar and taking on new energies that are still fluid. Take heart as the new thought agreements that are coming on line as we speak are a lot more in line with human happiness, abundance, intelligence, kindness, Love, compassion, wisdom, health, longevity and so much more.

Unplug from the Matrix and you refute what is no longer viable for humans on our planet. You already know what is no longer working in our societies. Don't accept these worn out thought construct agreements any more. Move out of them. Stop believing them. New and better agreements are already here inspiring millions of humans to live better more aware lives. This is what all the talk about "the Matrix" is and why the noise level is getting higher.

We must shear off these old ways that no longer work for us.


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