Why I Enjoy Being The Nagual

I am the nagual, that is, I am the conduit for the spirit. I have been this way all my life and it was only in later life that I experienced what this meant for me. Spirit signaled to me early in my life when I was just a five year old but I was not prepared to handle these signs as they frightened me. It took me many years of training before I lost my fear of being what I am: the nagual.

The incredible thing about the nagual is that he perceives from the point of view of the unknowable. The nagual is aligned with the unknowable, is in touch with the unknowable. When the nagual looks at a pine tree, he doesn't just see a tree, he sees, feels and hears the whispers of the unknowable through the pine tree, knowing that the pine tree is the unknowable in form. In that moment of seeing the pine tree, the nagual is in silence and feels the unknowable with his perception, actually feels it.

This state of being of the nagual puts him in the position where everything comes alive in a rich universe where everything speaks to him. Nothing is taken for granted. Nothing is wasted when possible. The nagual does not like to waste even a grain of rice.

I share this perception I have that you may consider it for yourself. Becoming the nagual is an arduous journey where releasing your fears of the unknown is the most important aspect of becoming the nagual. When you get to the point where fear of the unknown holds no sway over you, that is when the spirit will knock on your door. It is a direct experience, not a mental idea of something. This is not for everyone as it takes courage to meet the spirit.

For me, this mysterious and mystical experience of being the nagual is enjoyable and disconcerting at the same time but I have found it to be a great road on which I have no choice to travail for the spirit has chosen me. May I encourage you to let the spirit choose you. Perceiving the unknowable is the experience of a lifetime and one you want to have sooner than later!


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