Why Are You Peevish, Master?

Why are you, who have achieved mastery, are a spiritual master, so peevish these days? This is a very important question and the answer is revealing. Why do people who have reached high states of awareness and are masters still suffer from occasional bouts of angst? The reason is real and very simple: masters who still walk amongst what is characterized on the Earth plane as many others who are dense, divisive and practice limiting beliefs and consciousness have a repellent effect on those with higher awareness. It is simply difficult for these masters to be amongst this low awareness without, from time to time, feeling a little out of sorts, peevish.

How do these masters stay amongst this density and not burn out? They practice loving detachment where they do not take on this limiting awareness, this constricted consciousness although it is a challenge at times. These masters do not take this choice of others to be divisive, personally. True masters of consciousness do not own the limiting beliefs that are pervasive on Earth, rather, they are here to exemplify how to be at peace with oneself and still reside in a dense reality.

These masters are not perfect and they can be difficult to deal with in that they are no nonsense. They have no time any more for limiting consciousness and they live their lives in complete unconditional Love, fearlessness, Spirit-centered, aware, happy states of existence. That is why they choose their friends carefully and maintain a more quiet life in general.

It is hard for these masters to be amongst many low-vibrating humans. They do it because they Love these humans and are here to show them what higher consciousness feels like and that it is possible.

If you want to associate with these masters that are here on Earth and even become one, start by being less dense in your beliefs, less divisive in your thoughts and behaviors and more open to expanding your consciousness. I will not list the ways you can do this. If you are interested, you will be guided to find out more on your own.

Right now, I'm feeling peevish!!!


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