Who Is The Real Master Teacher?

Many of us seem to be looking for a master teacher who will help us reach enlightenment and in this pursuit, we forget about our own real master teacher within. Remember that "within" is a metaphor that means you are connecting to your soul because there is no within. Perhaps there are many who need permission from someone they perceive as wise to show them how to align with their own master teacher within, their soul and that is fine. In the end, it is you alone that must sit at the feet of your own master teacher within, your soul.

Now that you have been made aware of who the real master teacher is in your life, you must step on the path of connecting with it, allowing it and being a conduit for it. How does one do this?

Finding a nagual who is a conduit for the spirit is helpful. The nagual can help you shift your awareness so that you too can be a conduit for the spirit. If you can't find a nagual, begin with meditation, yoga, Reiki, do your own research, reading and training. Take classes on being a nagual that you can find in many cities if you look hard enough.

This is a worthy endeavor to discover your soul, the real master teacher. It is the training of a lifetime and it takes as long as you want it to take. I began my training in this lifetime in 1970 and am still refining my connecting link with intent. I now know that I am the nagual, I am the conduit for the spirit.  As the conduit for the spirit, I engage with it as my master teacher. It has proven to have infinite wisdom, infinite awareness and is very real. This means that I am moved by the spirit and must remember that the spirit has its own intent. I am just it's conduit.

Seek this real master teacher. This teacher accepts all who seek it and all who seek it must be real.


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