Walk Through This Portal Of Change

We as the collective human experience have arrived at the portal of a choice-point we have agreed to and chosen. It is mandated that we walk through this portal to the other side of change.

What change have we chosen? From all the signs from what's happening around the world, we have chosen to move beyond our collective belief system "matrix" of intolerance, greed, war, hate, bigotry, judgement, mindlessness, and separation consciousness. This is what is scaring everyone so much. We are finally upgrading our vibrational levels to a greater inclusivity, greater desire for peace, Love, compassion and more that has not been the human collective's belief system up to this point.

Unfortunately, some will remain stubborn and these will be left behind. You think people have felt disenfranchised before this? Just wait. There will be many who will be in such torment because they refuse to move ahead with this new higher, better vibration humanity is ready for.

Look for what I am saying here in the days ahead. Watch people's angry, hateful, war-like, greedy ways and watch them fall to the side, left behind in the dust-bin of humanity, while many of us move into a higher vibration of more harmony, balance, happiness, abundance and healing.

This is very real. We are on a different time-line now. No more scorched Earth policy. Our human old energy belief systems have already fallen away. We stand on the precipice of a new reality.

You don't have to believe this. You don't have to come along. Your choice. Just know that if you don't, you're going to be miserable!!!!!!


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