Unconscious Behavior

I practice expanding my awareness every day and the more I do, the more conscious I become. At the same time, I observe how unconscious many of my human neighbors are. What does it mean to be unconscious and more importantly, what does it mean to behave consciously and unconsciously? This is a complex and broad subject that has been thought about and explained for a long time so I will generalize on the subject for the purpose of this blog. You can research this subject if you are curious to discover more.

When you are a conscious being, you tend to evince behavior that is mindful, aware and not so egocentric in that you show that you know life is not just all about you. You have an awareness of unity consciousness in that you understand that we are all connected. You also tend not to project your shadow side, your unconscious onto anyone else. You also accept your shadow side and laugh at your demons. There is a tendency in conscious beings to know they are expressions of soul, of Spirit.

When you are unconscious, your behavior tends to be of less awareness, less mindful or not mindful at all. You show behaviors of being somewhat egocentric in that for you it's about me, myself alone. You tend not to be as much in the here and now when you are unconscious and you prefer to live in the past or future. Unconscious beings believe that they are disconnected from soul, from Spirit and they find anything about Spirit to be "weird." Unconscious behavior is almost rote behavior based on being almost exclusively run by persona/psyche/ego concerns.

Please understand that all beings, including human beings have awareness to some degree. It's a matter of levels. Some people are very aware people and some are not. It's the same with being unconscious and conscious. Humans are at different levels of being conscious or unconscious. Look at how much ego they evince to indicate their level of consciousness and I am talking about egocentricity not about having an ego which we all must have as part of our humanity. Egocentricity puts humans in a small container of awareness where they are mostly aware of themselves and their immediate surroundings. Spirituality, for the most part, is foreign to them in that Spirit's manifestations will seem unreal to them.

Please know that unconscious and conscious behavior goes much deeper and way beyond what I describe here. This explication is only for provoking your thoughts about where you are on the consciousness v. unconsciousness spectrum and the basic behaviors to look for in both.

I am a conscious being. I continue to expand my consciousness and as part of my on-going consciousness expansion, I remain curious about what unconsciousness is, the manifestation of unconscious behavior and its motivations. I am in the process of no longer having a shadow side.


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