The Signature Mantra Moving Forward

Our signature mantra moving forward must be "wake up call" and we must stay and be awake in every now moment. The consensus trance, the collective human belief system matrix has been shattered and is gone as exemplified by Brexit and Donald Trump's election. Many are not accepting this and confusion is and will be the catchphrase moving forward.

"Wake up call" is the key to overcoming both the malaise and confusion created by the destruction of the matrix as we know it meaning that our belief systems have gone bye bye and we need to wake up to the new reality that WE control our reality, not someone else. WE are the empowered ones and WE can shape, change, manipulate, overrule reality as WE see fit. Reality is not fixed as we thought, it's fluid.

No one can shape your reality if you do not allow them. It is YOU that has allowed what's been happening in the world through your allowance of others' belief systems to control you. Donald Trump's campaign assertions are a very excellent example of this, indeed. He foisted his reality of his being the boss, the fixer of all our problems upon the people and they ate it up. He is now and will continue to backtrack on these promises because the reality on the ground will not allow him to do all that he asserted. This will lead to all those who voted for him being confused. These people have not learned the fundamental rule of human existence: it is you who must take responsibility for your actions. If you don't like the corporations paying lousy salaries, don't allow them to by not working for them or not buying their products. Get involved by participating in government or writing your elected officials or being part of Bernie Sanders' movement to give back the power to the people.

Wake up, wake up and be responsible for your actions!!!! Stop going on Facebook or Twitter and being critical. Join a movement and show up. Write to Trump when he's in office if you don't agree with his choices.

You have your actions to show your feelings, so make them count in a positive way and stay awake for we are no longer in the old energy matrix. It's gone. The good ship lollipop has sailed away. You're on your own now so make that count. Earn it.


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