The Real Key To Abundance

I have discovered that when one is obsessed with creating abundance that's when abundance is blocked. The key to creating real and lasting abundance in your life is giving intent for it, attuning to the abundance frequency and then, letting it go. You do not become attached to the outcome, that is, you release all expectations with the feeling that all is well and that you trust in the benevolence of the Universe.

While it may look and sound easy in the writing or speaking of this pivotal concept, it is a most difficult one to realize because one's conditioning has been that one is not worthy of abundance. To realize one's natural abundance, one must have greater self-worth where you believe that you create your abundance and that it is not "given" to you by something or someone else.

Abundance is there for all to experience but you have been conditioned to believe that you are excluded from this experience. This misguided notion is the basis for much privation on the planet and is basically a lie. The lie is that I have to get mine at your exclusion because there isn't enough to go around so I better get mine now before I lose out. Wrong! The Universe is INFINITELY ABUNDANT!!! There is more than enough abundance for everyone.

Change your mindset from feeling and believing you are worthless and not worthy of great abundance because just the opposite is true. When you get to that complete feeling of worthiness, be grateful and the Universe will pour its abundance on you like a cornucopia of riches. Remember this: the true nature of our existence is not one of lack but of abundance. Align with abundance, give intent for it in your life and let go of the outcome, let go of obsessing, let go of expectations. Feel in your awareness that it already happened and go about your day with ease, happiness and joy and watch the Universe open the floodgates of great sustainance into your life. Your life will be one in which you always have enough.

I am not writing words here to fill a page. I am describing my own experience. This is not pie-in-the- sky fluff. It is real what I share with you here. Take this key into your life and make it a part of your every day reality. Open the door to your riches, You are worthy.


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