The Nagual

What does it mean to be the Nagual? Since I am the Nagual, let me describe what it means to be the Nagual. The Nagual is a man or human who has been given the gift of energy to be able to be the conduit for the spirit.

In the case of being the Nagual, you perceive life from the point of view of the unknowable, you are aligned with the unknowable, you are in touch with the unknowable. You have the natural drive to allow the spirit to touch you. This drive is not normal to all people.

What is the unknowable? The unknowable is what we call the spirit. When we say "unknowable," we are referring to the fact that the spirit is nothing like the human experience at all and is not understandable from that vantage point. To get a glimpse of the spirit, you have to get out of human thinking and you have to be aware of how the spirit manifests itself. To be aware of how the spirit manifests itself takes much awareness and courage for the average man is conditioned to fear the spirit. On the other hand, the Nagual is the conduit for the spirit.

For the Nagual, the Spirit is an ally. The spirit assists the Nagual in expanding his awareness through many platforms including direct intervention as in shocking him into his light body.

Being the Nagual is not a cavalier thing. It is a powerful path that demands full attention, awareness, dedication, clarity, conviction, confidence and ruthlessness. It is an existence of no pity. The Nagual is the ultimate cool customer, calm, collected, thoughtful, mindful, Zen. When you meet the Nagual, you can only know if you met him by being awake, aware, conscious. If you are asleep, you will see the Nagual as stupid and a fool and he is far from that.

Are you the Nagual? Are you a conduit for the spirit? I pose this question to you for it is time to move into this awareness. We are no longer in an ordinary reality.


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