Sweet Divine Love Partnerships

In my life, I discovered that sweet Divine Love partnerships transcend all hardships to Love. I found this kind of Love with my life partner, my wife, Maureen Abell, with whom I was with for 36 years until her death. This Love was a great teaching. It showed me what this kind of partnership can do within myself and in the world.

With this experience, I learned that Love holds no grievances. Love transcends them where you accept your partner for what she is, you see your partner as equal to yourself, you live to support your partner, your partner becomes your best friend, you help your partner in every way she needs and you learn that it is also about Loving yourself through your partner for she is a mirror for you and what you project onto her is about yourself.

I discovered that this teaching was not only about life partner/marital relationships. It was also an awareness for my relationships with the world at large and I found unconditional Love missing in the world. I found people saying they Loved me but they didn't show that Love in an unconditional way. Unconditional Love to me means Love that has no grievances, Love that has no expectations. I found that it was not easy to Love unconditionally. For me, I am still working on it every day that I may truly Love myself and others, unconditionally, that I may transcend all hardships to Love.

I also discovered the first step toward this unconditional state of Love: forgiveness!


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