Stay In Love, Praise And Gratitude

When you look for the keys to abundance, happiness, peace, blessings and miracles in your life, look no further than you, yourself, giving and being Love, praise and gratitude and having a trusting heart that staying with this beneficent attitude is the key to a fulfilled life.

It is a total change from the 3 D matrix attitude of hate, blame and taking things for granted. Being and giving Love, praise and gratitude puts you at a higher vibratory level where you attract to yourself the same vibrations that manifest as your reality. No one says this is easy but it's a must for anyone who wants to turn their life around from being mired in lack to having all your fondest dreams come true. This is not a bucket of lollipops and roses. This is a real way of being that many, including myself, have attained and have reaped the rewards of an abundant life, a happy life.

Begin today by a Loving yourself, loving your neighbor, your family, your friends, strangers. Find ways and reasons to always heap praise on yourself and others no matter if they offend you or not. Be ever so grateful for all that you are and all that you have.

This attitude will in turn create more Love, praise and gratitude in your life. The final ingredient to this new way of being is to be trustful that this attitude will manifest all that you desire that is positive and hopeful. Trust yourself, trust in Spirit, trust in the Creative Source Infinite Intelligence. These attitudes must be felt and real in yourself not just wishful thinking. They must be real and true as you must live Love, praise, gratitude and trust. You must live it.

Do not be seduced by the darkness, the bitterness and confusion that has taken hold of many on the planet. Your job is to be Love, praise and gratitude and your being it will affect others. You will not have to change anyone by doing anything. Just being these healing attitudes will change others.

Stay in the attitude of Love, praise and gratitude. This is the new Earth reality.


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