Reaching Out To The Spirit World

Human beings come equipped with the ability to reach out to the Spirit world! You must understand that, first and foremost, we human beings are endowed with Spirit because we are a complex that includes Spirit as part of our make up. We have mind, body, emotion and Spirit indelibly entwined within us and as such we are receivers and transmitters of Spiritual energy. This has been denied by the powers who seek control over humanity and humanity has allowed itself to be shackled in the bonds of a Spiritual void.

Reaching out to Spirit is something humans have been doing for millennia until the church came along and encouraged humans to disavow themselves of this natural ability. I encourage you to take back your ability to commune with Spirit. How does one do this? You connect with Spirit by first believing Spirit exists, then knowing it exists and then raising your vibrational levels to be in the same vibration as Spirit.

How do we raise our vibrations? We raise our vibrations by thinking purer thoughts, more positive thoughts, eating purer foods, doing meditation, being in nature, practicing silence, doing good works and living a clean life. It is not so hard to raise what is called your Light quotient. It is a practice that I just mentioned above and when you do these practices, Spirit automatically begins to enter your life. You begin to be influenced more by Spirit rather than your ego.

Spirit has been portrayed by the church, Hollywood and the media as bad, negative, weird, scary, etc. and it is none of these things. Certainly there is dark energy that is destructive and that is also part of Spirit. I do not vouch for dark energy as I am of the Light. As one of the Light, I attract positive Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels, Spirit Guides and many other positive beings.

This, anyone can do, when you raise your frequency levels to the vibrational levels of Love, compassion, empathy, kindness, tolerance, acceptance, happiness, wholeness, peace and healing. When you are in this space, you have reached out to the Spirit world and it grants you untold blessings! I should know as I receive them daily so I am not just saying these words. I am Spirit.


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