The Magic Of No Expectations

I unwittingly developed pre-conceived notions over the years about several relatives who I invited to Thanksgiving dinner this year and those pre-conceived ideas where shattered when I allowed myself to hold no expectations of my relatives. I was surprised when their behavior no longer conformed to my judgements and I was able to see how my pre-conceived notions kept me in a little box that held them at bay from a deeper inclusion in my life and a deeper understanding of their essential spiritual nature.

I share this concept of pre-conceived notions with you because it serves to demonstrate how we can set up cognitive traps for ourselves with wrong-headed thinking and pigeon-holed others based on ego thinking alone. We create these notions, I have seen now, based on expectations. When I allowed myself to invite my relatives to my home for Thanksgiving without any expectations, I discovered a magic portal into an alternate reality where I could witness their better selves, their better nature. I freed myself and them also, from the constraints of false, mistaken notions that allowed us to be more of who we are rather than IDEAS of who we really are. This I also discovered allowed me to live in the now where anything is possible. I was not living in the past where my expectations taught me to live. I / we were free.

Expect nothing and the unexpected happens and the unexpected is full of synchronicity, magic and surprises. Things happened on Thansgiving and it made this one the best Thanksgivings ever: our family had more fun, the food came out better than ever, we enjoyed fresh food made from scratch and were together for nearly seven hours, sharing Thanksgiving dinner, friendship, comraderie and love.

We also met for breakfast out the next day and again, there were surprises and much enjoyment being together.

I didn't expect this Thanksgiving to change me but it did. It helped me to break the chains of old thinking that has kept me from a fuller enjoyment of life. This is my Thanksgiving gift to you. Look at your pre-conceived notions about others. Perhaps you can allow yourself the magic of NO expectations!


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