Own Your Grandeur

From my experience on the wisdom path, I am being guided to own my grandeur, not my grandiosity! My grandiosity is the machination of my ego, my grandeur is the allowance of my soul.

By choosing to own my grandeur, I assure the cosmos and all that is in it that what I am projecting back to it is gratitude and what I experience is more to be grateful for because I am aware that what I experience is my own state of consciousness projected.

Your experience of any reality is YOU. Your thoughts, feelings, ideas, beliefs, imaginings, dreams and perception are how you are experiencing your reality and that reality is uniquely your own. An egocentric reality is far different from a soulful reality and the cosmos is guiding all of us to move in the direction of more soul, more Spirit, not less, not more egoic behavior that says eat or be eaten, me, for myself alone, I am better, greater than you and I have to get mine before you get yours and too bad if there's nothing left for you!!! That's grandiosity. That's the essence of being stuck in the tar pit where you can't see anything but yourself. The grandiosity of the ego is rife on our planet and it's time has ended. 

Owning your grandeur is connecting with your soul and making your experience of your reality a soulful one where you know it's not about for me, myself alone, where you are not better than anyone else, you're just different, where you seek to understand first, not to be understood, where you feel safe, grounded, content, sustained and know that life is everlasting, where you connect with people's souls first not just their bodies.

The new reality of our grandeur is here and it's not a reality of roses and lollipops. It's a reality that has changed the dynamic of how we live from me centered to other centered while not forgetting ourselves. It's a reality that is not all about me, me, me. It is a reality where when I see you, I am seeing myself as well. 

The true meaning of owning your grandeur is knowing that you are one with Spirit. When your are in the consciousness of Spirit and are projecting Spirit back to itself as your state of consciousness you are living out your Divine potential where everything is possible. The state of grandeur is where everything is possible.


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