Lightworker, There Is Nothing You Can Do

Lightworkers, if you think you are on some kind of mission to help humanity, think again. From my perception of being a Lightworker, my assignment here is not an action to help anyone. That's just ego. My assignment is to just BE here in resonance so that my vibrations can lighten the vibratory level of this dense 3D matrix planet and make it easier for both the planet and the dense humans on it to choose to raise their vibrational level to the 5th dimension.

I am not here because I have a desire to help this shift the planet and its beings are going through. I was not called here for that. I was called here because I vibrate at a much higher level than the planet and it's beings and I am here to be the resonance that assists in effecting the movement of the planet and beings here out of the low 3D vibratory level. I am in resonance alignment with the Creator Source Infinte Intelligence and it is that energy, along with Gaia and the beings of this planet, that have given intent to move into higher levels of consciousness. This is finally happening on a massive scale right now.

It is not up to me to make sure that this shift happens or not. It is Gaia and the beings on her who must make the choice to change or not. I am impersonal about it. My job, my assignment is to vibrate here in resonance with the highest frequencies of Love and light and I am doing that. Whether anyone else chooses to do it is none of my business.

If you are inspired by what I write in this blog, good for you. I have no interest in whether it moves you or not. That is your choice. I can't make anyone do or be what they don't want to do or be. So, I stand here, impartial to the direction that Gaia and the beings of this planet are taking.

I do put out thoughts about what I believe is a better road in my perception because I am that road and I have already experienced what you are being asked to do by moving into higher frequencies of existence. Writing is simply my way of expression and I just like doing it.

This movement by Gaia and the beings here is the greatest thing can happen. It's a major shift and is not easy. You have already stepped onto the wisdom path and you are already on the good red road whether you are conscious of it or not.

As Lightworkers, all we can do is observe. We cannot interfere with the Prime Directive or with the free will of another being. All we can do is shine our light and let Gaia and the dense beings here take it from there.

Remember, it is not a doing, it is a being.


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