Is Your IQ Your True IQ?

The realization of IQ as the final understanding of the left brain interpretation of human intelligence has some definite merit but a limited one. In my humble opinion, the IQ of human beings can and does go way beyond the rather simple and primitive measurement of human intelligence as just rational, intellectual, problem-solving capabilities alone. In my perception, in having studied some of the greatest human minds and their impact on mass consciousness or the collective belief systems of society, I must also include in human IQ the ability to shape and move societies in more aware directions, aware of itself to reach greater and more positive potentials. People like Thomas Jefferson, Frederick Douglas, Abraham Lincoln, Mahatmas Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, FDR, Martin Luther King, Jr., Michael Jackson, Ernest Himingway, Marlon Brando, Jackson Pollack, Martha Graham and many others who may not have had high IQ's as we think of them but had very high IQ's, in my perception, in changing society forever where everyone is still copying them.

Let me use myself as a further example. My IQ is not the highest in the sense of taking a regular IQ test. I never scored high on standardized testing. Where my IQ excels is in perception and social cognition, insight and expression. I have a very high IQ in these areas. I know this from my experience in shifting the social milieu in which I have been involved. You could say that I am a visionary, an interactional specialist. I move through society with an aware, facile grace and leave, in most cases, a deep mark of positivity wherever I go.

I tell you this because it's also true for every human being in one way or another. What is your IQ beyond your tested, left brain IQ? What is your genius? How are you shifting society for the better?

I encourage you to look at this in yourself and find it if you are not already aware of it. It does not have to be grandiose. Your genius can be in how you are changing yourself for the better or even just one other person in your life that you have helped to expand in awareness for the better.

I know mine, now go find yours. We need you to be you!


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