I Was Born To Make America Great

My birth and the birth of all those like me, heralded the making of a great nation: America. I did not need an electioneering campaign slogan to tell me that America needed to be made great again. In my life, I have already not only embodied what makes a great nation, I acted out those great values that helped America be the power she is today. Let me list those values for you:

1. Superior work ethic.

2. High integrity.

3. Critical thinking.

4. Highly educated.

5. God/ Spiritual centeredness.

6. Creative and imaginative.

7. Highly driven.

8. Love my neighbor as myself.

9. Self-confident.

10. Highly aware.

11. Intellectual curiosity.

12. Emotional maturity.

13. Generous and charitable.

These are the values I have and continue to evince that has made America great. I do not need someone to make America great again. It is already great because of people like me who truly embody the values listed above.

Read these values to yourself and take them on as you will need them in the coming years as this America will be changing for the better and you will need to push these values into the system even more.


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