It's Time To Operate From Your Light Body

I operate from my light body and it is a conscious decision. What am I talking about here? My light body is my more real body, my body beyond my lower vibrating physical body that you can call my soul body if you like. It vibrates at a frequency of an eighth dimensional quotient or quantum, cosmic quotient. In being that body, it does not mean "leaving" the physical vehicle, it means that I now think, feel, act and be from, as my light body, not allowing, not falling prey to the distractions of my lower ego that wants to continue propagating the lower 3 dimensional energies that are no longer relevant to who I am.

What does this look like in the real world? You will find me NOT pursuing lower dimensional concerns like death, survival, greed, competition, judgement, harming in any way, fear, sickness, anger, depression, suppression, repression, sadness, unhappiness and the like. I have moved out of, unplugged from, the world-wide matrix of the lower ego. Don't get me wrong, I am still IN the world, I'm just not OF this world. Sometimes, still being in body, the lower ego rears its head and tries to re-assert itself. It doesn't control me for long as I am consciously aware of my lower ego's machinations and simply parent it when necessary.

In operating from my light body, I shine my light on the world by being my light, by staying informed by my soul not my ego. I connect with my Higher Self and that connection is important to me. I can see my light, that is, I can physically see it and I also visualize it every day, multiple times a day. You can say that I am very aware of my light, that I am light, that I am the light, that I have a very high light quotient that I have worked on attaining.

We are all endowed with this light, we are all imbued with this light. Most of us refuse to consciously be our light because we are afraid of its power. I must encourage you to drop any fear of your light and begin treading the path to be your light. Soul connection is where it's at!

This is the most important reason you are here now. You must operate from your light body. All it takes is one thought: "I allow."


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