I Live Life As A Protagonist

My persona and my being, my soul, is of the profile of a protagonist, not an antagonist. You will find me as a chief person in the story of life, an advocate or champion of a cause. You will not find me in active opposition or hostility to life which is the provence of the antagonist. I do not evoke enmity in life.

As a protagonist, I am a leader who builds up, not tears down. I do not call for destruction, I call for construction. I do not harm, I help. I do not look at society and complain it's all falling apart, I look at the collective of humanity and say, how can we renew our Spirit at a higher level.

I did not come out into the world last night for I have always been here in my advocacy as the protagonist, moving life forward, having vision, being idealistic, helping others. Now, it is time for you to gain your courage to choose which direction you are going in: protagonist or antagonist.

May I suggest you choose very carefully as we are now in the era of the protagonist and those who antagonize, who destroy the fabric of society for nefarious reasons are being left behind. The shadow side of humanity, the dark lords have been exposed and shown for what they are: self-serving masters who are holding on for dear life to old energy. The days of the dark ones are over. The protagonists have defeated them. There is no going back to the old, archaic ways.

Rise up to become your own protagonist who is a champion of the cause of raising the awareness level of humanity to a higher plain not to a deleterious plain that the dark ones want to keep you in. It is time to act for the creation of a positive life, not what we are seeing the dark ones create with all the wars, suffering, intolerance, hate, anger, homelessness, bigotry and murder which is the result of antagonism.

I call for protagonism. Now. Forever.


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