I Do Not Speak Your Language

I do not speak the language of most of the human beings on planet Earth as I am vibrating on, to different frequencies, different vibratory levels. This is NOT a moral condition. I do not disparage, condemn, judge or hold myself to be "better" because I am not in your language of the 3rd dimension matrix which is a matrix of fear mostly.

While most humans are vibrating in dimensions 1 to 4, I am vibrating in 8 and above. The language barrier is one of a vast difference in consciousness. For example, while you in the 3rd dimension kill other innocent fellow humans because you believe (have the consciousness of) that your religion and your God is the only true one and that theirs is false, I vibrate on the level of Christ consciousness where I am God also. While you love your fellow humans conditionally, that is, you love them for what you can get from them, I vibrate in the consciousness of unconditional love where I love you just as you are. I need nothing from you. While you in 3D vibrate in the consciousness of expectations, I expect nothing and live in the now.  While you in this 3rd density reality believe in living in a tar pit where you are stuck, I exist on the level of flow and synchronicity where all flows to and from me effortlessly.

These consciousness levels are vast distances apart and thus our inability to communicate. Most humans just don't get where I'm coming from. So, what to do? I simply behave as myself and give the 3D human the same consideration, love, appreciation, kindness and gratitude I give myself. I just won't argue with you because you simply don't speak my language and I have nothing to prove to you.

You will feel my vibe and my intent is to plant the seeds of my consciousness that they may grow in you and that you may have the blessings found in the higher consciousnesses I listed above that are found in the higher dimensions.

All I can do is be here for and with you and I am. If you feel alien around me, that's the first sign of your evolution. One day, you will also speak in this extraterrestrial tongue.


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