I Am In Divine Guidance

I am in Divine guidance and I am in this guidance all the time! How do I do this? I do this by allowing what I have come to know as my natural state: a connection with the Divine within myself that I came into the world with. My Divine connection is always there but I must consciously allow it within myself otherwise, that connection remains unconscious as in a dormant state.

Why is this conscious state, this awareness of Divine guidance important? What I have found, being in Divine guidance, is that it's the most true and pure guidance there is, a guidance that doesn't lie, that you can count on. This is by no means an easy state of awareness to get to. It takes a complete change of one's belief system that they CAN be in Divine guidance and not the separation consciousness that society is conditioned by that says Divine guidance is not found within you and you have to go to a Priest, Rabbi or Imam because they are the conduits of Divine guidance. Nonsense.

Why do I say nonsense? I say nonsense because I have found Divine guidance within, I have made the connection with Divine guidance and it says that I do not have to be a religious leader to be a conduit for Divine guidance. This guidance is available to all of us. Each of us is worthy of this guidance.

May I urge you to reach out to Divine guidance by allowing it to come to you within. It is the best guidance there is and...it's free!!!

Start with allowing. Start with believing. Divine guidance will come. It will improve your life for the better and the voice of Divine guidance is always a voice of Love that is only positive, constructive and not harmful in any way, shape or form.


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